Accreditation rules

World Youth Festival 2024 Media and Blogosphere Accreditation Rules (Sirius Federal Territory)

1. General Provisions

    1. Media and blogosphere representatives will be accredited to the World Youth Festival (the "Festival") in order to create the conditions for their professional activities in preparing and disseminating complete and reliable information about the Festival events.

    2. Media and blogosphere representatives must be accredited to work at all Festival events.

    3. Only a limited number of media and blogosphere representatives will be able to participate in the Festival as the organizers wish to provide the media and blogosphere representatives with the most convenient working hours and quick access to all necessary resources, taking into account the high interest in the event among media and blogosphere representatives, and the limited infrastructure capabilities of the Festival venue.

    4. The Festival will be held in compliance with all necessary safety measures and recommendations of the Federal Service for Surveillance on Consumer Rights Protection and Human Wellbeing to prevent the spread of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19).

The Festival Directorate reserves the right to determine the number of accredited media and blogosphere representatives according to the requirements of the sanitary and epidemiological situation.

Please check the official website and newsletters for updates.

    1. Media and blogosphere editors are responsible for the reliability of the information about the organization's employees in accordance with the laws of the Russian Federation.

2. Media and Blogosphere Accreditation

2.1. Accreditation Application Submission and Review

  • Media and blogosphere representatives interested in covering the Festival events should apply for accreditation via the official website at

  • All fields in the application form must be completed, paying particular attention to the mandatory fields marked with an asterisk.

  • Applications can be submitted via the official Festival website from November 1, 2023, to January 15, 2024.

  • A letter of acceptance or rejection will be sent to the applicant within seven days of receipt of the application.

  • Accreditation confirmation information will be generated within 20 days of the accreditation process being completed. Once the list of accredited journalists has been drawn up, confirmations will be sent to the email addresses provided in the questionnaires by media and blogosphere representatives.

  • Media and blogosphere accreditation is valid for all days of the Festival in the Sirius Federal Territory.

  • Bloggers with a "Verified Account" status in the Festival accreditation system are eligible to apply.

2.2. Media and Blogosphere Accreditation Quotas

  • Print media:

    • newspapers – 3 persons (2 correspondents, 1 photographer);

    • magazines – 2 persons (1 correspondent, 1 photographer).
  • News agencies – 4 persons (2 correspondents, 2 photographers).

  • Online media – 2 persons (1 correspondent, 1 cameraman).

  • TV companies – 7 persons (2 correspondents, 1 producer, 2 cameramen, 2 audio engineers).

  • Radio companies – 2 persons (2 correspondents).

  • Bloggers – 3 persons.

The number of media representatives from the Festival information partners will be determined according to information partnership agreements.

2.3. Media and Blogosphere Accreditation Card Collection

  • Accreditation cards will be issued to media and blogosphere representatives once their application has been approved by the Festival Directorate.

  • Accreditation cards can be collected at the accreditation desks. Information on the location and working hours of the accreditation desks will be available on the official Festival website.

  • To collect accreditation cards, the following requirements must be met:

  • there is a confirmed accreditation in the database;

  • there is a written consent for the processing of personal data;

  • the passport is presented (the passport data must match those on the registration form);

  • a power of attorney and a copy of the passport are required if an accreditation card is collected by proxy;

  • Bloggers must have a "Verified Account" status in the Festival system.

  • The accreditation card is personal and non-transferable. The accreditation card must be clearly visible while at the venue.

  • Any other accreditation card will not be valid for access to the Festival venue.

  • If an accreditation card is lost, stolen or damaged, the media and blogosphere representative must report it immediately to any information desk. The lost card will be cancelled. A duplicate will be issued upon written request.

2.4. Rules of Access to the Festival Events

  • Media and blogosphere representatives must be accredited to work at all Festival events.

  • Media and blogosphere technical personnel will be admitted in accordance with the rules of access of the technical personnel to the Festival venue.

  • Media and blogosphere representatives and media technical personnel will be allowed access to the venue after passing a COVID-19 test. The test procedure and details will be clarified later and published on the website, as well as the list of PCR test points. The tests shall be conducted exclusively in accordance with the procedure established by Rospotrebnadzor on behalf of the Festival Organizing Committee. Information on the accreditation desks and the testing procedure will be published on the official Festival website.

3. Accreditation Rejection

  • The Festival Directorate reserves the right to reject accreditation without explanation.

4. Rights and Obligations of Accredited Persons

4.1. Accredited media and blogosphere representatives have the right to:

  • use all services specifically designed for media and blogosphere representatives;

  • receive information about official Festival events and exhibitions (press releases, business program, etc.);

  • work in the Festival press center during official events with access to the press center infrastructure;

  • participate in press conferences, briefings and other press events.

4.2. Accredited media and blogosphere representatives must:

  • verify the accuracy of the information provided to them;

  • comply with requests from those providing information to indicate the information source;

  • notify citizens and officers that they are being recorded, filmed or photographed when obtaining information from them;

  • not use their professional opportunities to conceal information, falsify socially significant information or collect information for the benefit of unauthorized persons or organizations other than the media or the blogosphere;

  • stop taking photos/videos at the request of the Festival security personnel;

  • not take photos/videos at the checkpoints of the Festival venue;

  • not distribute printed materials at the Festival venue without the permission of the Festival Directorate;

  • adhere to the Festival Citation Policy when using official information and quoting statements made by Festival participants. Finished materials must refer to the Festival and the source of the information. Online media and bloggers should include a link to the official website ( Copied (quoted) information may not be changed, supplemented or distorted.