About Sirius

The Sirius Federal Territory was created in 2020 by a decision of Russian President Vladimir Putin to develop the Olympic and environmental heritage. It is located in the Imereti Lowlands on the coast of the Black Sea. It has a special status and management system with an experimental legal regime. The chairman of the Council of the Federal Territory is Elena Shmeleva and the head of administration is Dmitry Plishkin.

Fully-fledged ecosystem

Sirius was started as an educational centre for identifying, developing and supporting talented children. Today it is a fully-fledged ecosystem, on the basis of which successfully developing:

The University of Science and Technology
The Presidential Lyceum
The Innovation Science and Technology Centre
Cultural and sports facilities

The Higher School of Music and a modern concert hall are under construction at Sirius. A world-class Science and Technology Campus is to be established on the Federal Territory by 2030.

The main objectives of Sirius

To identify and provide opportunities for talented children and young people and to develop education, science, culture and sport. In eight years of its existence, more than 63,000 schoolchildren have taken part in the Education Centre's programmes.

All in all, more than 4 million people have been involved in educational projects. Among its participants are students, teachers and pupils from schools and colleges.

Support centres for talented children based on the Sirius model are being established in Russia's regions to implement the best practices of Sirius.

There are currently 70 of them. In 2024, similar centres will appear in 9 more constituent entities of the Russian Federation.