March 1-7, 2024
Sirius Federal Territory

About the Festival

The World Youth Festival is the largest youth event in the world that will be held by the Decree of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The Festival will host 20,000 young Russian and foreign leaders in such fields as business, media, international cooperation, culture, science, education, volunteering and charity, sports and various areas of public life. Teenagers representing children’s organizations and associations will join the Festival as well.

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Международная выставка-форум
МОСКВА. ВДНХ 04.11.2023—12.04.2024
Festival News
WYF 2024 Scientific Events Presented at the 3rd Congress of Young Scientists

The World Youth Festival and its upcoming scientific events were presented at the 3rd Congress of Young Scientists.

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2,000 Young Foreigners to Travel to Russia. The WYF 2024 Regional Program to Be Held in 30 Russian Cities

Foreign participants of the World Youth Festival will travel to Russian cities right after the main program in Sirius is finished. 2,000 young people from abroad will get to know the regions of our country.

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WYF 2024 Public Ambassadors Introduced at Youth House

On November 21, 100 days before the WYF 2024, the Festival Public Ambassadors Corps was presented at the Youth House as part of the Russia Exhibition and Forum. Famous personalities from various fields will present and spread the values of the World Youth Festival, such as responsibility for the fate of the world, multinational unity, world of equal opportunities and preservation of traditional family values.

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WYF 2024: 100-Day Countdown to World's Main Youth Event Launched at Youth House Opening

The 100-day countdown to the World Youth Festival was launched on November 21. The event was held at the Youth House, which opened the same day. The Youth House is located in one of the pavilions of the Russia International Exhibition and Forum dedicated to the achievements and opportunities of young people.

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WYF 2024 Volunteer Registration Closing. Record Number of Applications Received for Volunteer Corps

More than 40,000 young people have applied to be part of the World Youth Festival Volunteer Corps. Due to more than eight times the number of applications for WYF 2024 volunteers, the application deadline has been shortened to November 15, 2023.

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Media Accreditation Opens for the World Youth Festival

Media accreditation opens on November 1, 2023, and will last until January 15, 2024. Media representatives can register through the WYF 2024 website at (

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Congress of the WYF 2024 International Council Results Summarized

Following the Congress of the International Council of the World Youth Festival in Moscow, a resolution was adopted. It adopts the basic principles of joint work in preparation for the Festival.

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27 Centers for Volunteer Engagement and Training to Coordinate Volunteer Corps at WYF 2024

On July 18th, the results of the All-Russian competitive selection of the World Youth Festival centers for volunteer engagement and training were announced during the competition commission's session. 474 organizations from 86 regions, including the Donetsk People's Republic, Luhansk People's Republic, Zaporozhye Region, and Kherson Region, participated in the application process.

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The preparations for the World Youth Festival have kicked off in Nizhny Novgorod

On 24 June, as part of the Youth Day in Nizhny Novgorod, the start of applications for participation in the World Youth Festival were launched.Daria Semenova, a student at RUDN University, was the one to submit the very first application to participate in the Festival.

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President of Russia V.Putin signed a decree on holding the World Youth Festival in 2024

The World Youth Festival will be held in Russia in February-March 2024, as it follows from the decree of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

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