Congress of the WYF 2024 International Council Results Summarized

27 October 2023, 16:00

The Congress of the International Council of the World Youth Festival concluded its work in Moscow. The results were summarized at a press conference in the press center of Rossiya Segodnya International Media Group.

The press conference was attended by Denis Ashirov, Deputy Head of Rosmolodezh and Coordinator for the WYF 2024 Organization and Preparation, representatives of the WYF 2024 National Preparatory Committees and youth and children's organizations, i.e. about 120 youth leaders from more than 90 countries. The meeting was moderated by Areg Aghasaryan, Advisor to the Chair of the Board of the Movement of the First on International Activities and Deputy Director of the WYF International Division.

Denis Ashirov noted the importance of the work of the Youth Council and the ongoing Congress.

"It is clear that youth policy has not been at the forefront of international relations for a very long time. Everything changes now. There is an understanding that young people are the engine of many economic, industrial and diplomatic processes. It is important for us to organize the Festival in such a way that we can answer the questions that concern young people. That is why we spent three days working and discussing various initiatives and proposals. We face the challenge of building relations between our young people and, above all, ensuring that these relations meet the needs of the young people themselves," he said.

The Congress participants included representatives of National Preparatory Committees and youth organizations from Europe and America. At the press conference, the chairs of the US and Italian Committees said what the youth of their countries think about holding the World Youth Festival in Russia.

"We are being intimidated now, including by the FBI. They are trying to convince us not to go to the Festival. But we will still participate. Many Americans do not want any problems, but we will come anyway. After all, we, true American patriots, do not violate any laws. In this sense, we cannot be stopped," said Caleb Maupin, Chair of the US National Preparatory Council.

Raul Fa Osvald, Chair of the Italian National Preparatory Council, noted that young Italians do not support the country's political course, which aims to separate interstate diplomacy.

"Young Italians often do not support the sanctions that Russia is experiencing. Cutting ties, especially in the educational, cultural and humanitarian fields, cannot lead us to anything good. It destroys the stability of the world. Young Italians will always support young Russians. We will make every effort to maintain these ties and work together," the delegate commented.

The participants also noted the importance of joint efforts at the interstate level to create a multipolar world that will ensure a balance of interests of all countries and conditions for building a just future.

"By working together in a multipolar world, we can ensure that no one goes hungry or suffers from having their rights violated. By working together, representatives from different countries will be able to develop some innovative approaches to solving problems. This will allow us to eradicate injustice around the world," said Carolina Martinis Brauna, Chair of the Brazilian National Preparatory Committee.

The WYF 2024 International Council also includes representatives of children's organizations, as for the first time in the history of the festival movement, young people aged 14-17 will be allowed to participate. Ndlovu Samkelisiwe Falandile Nanadi, a member of the Children's Committee of the International Council from South Africa, spoke at the press conference. She spoke about the work of the children's community around the world and its contribution to the Festival program.

"One of the directions of the committee's work is to create a program for the World Youth Festival that reflects its core values. We hope that the children who participate in the development of the program will become part of the Festival and will promote its values. In this way, the Festival legacy will be felt in every corner of the world. Children from every continent will have more opportunities," she said.

The representative of the Children's Committee also suggested creating diplomatic summer schools in Russia and other countries, where young people could continue to work together and spread the WYF 2024 values.

Following the Congress of the International Council of the World Youth Festival in Moscow, a resolution was adopted. It adopts the basic principles of joint work in preparation for the Festival.

"The participants of the Congress of the International Council of the World Youth Festival 2024 express their support for the mission of the Festival to consolidate the world youth community around the idea of a more equitable multipolar world order to strengthen international relations in the main areas of youth professional interests. We strive to support the sovereign development of our states, while preserving national and cultural identity, and to build a community of young people united by common goals and interests and striving to build a more democratic and just world on an equal basis, regardless of nationality and religion," states one of the resolution paragraphs.

At the end of the meeting, Areg Aghasaryan noted that the resolution will become an action program according to which the preparations for the World Youth Festival will be carried out in more than 90 countries of the world.

"The Festival aims to create hope. Whatever the challenges we face, whatever the political structure in our countries, we promote the international goals of the World Youth Festival," said Danyal Hayat, a member of the Pakistani Youth Council.


The World Youth Festival will take place in 2024 according to the decree of Russian President Vladimir Putin on the development of international youth cooperation. At the first meeting of the Organizing Committee chaired by Sergey Kiriyenko, First Deputy Chief of Staff of the Presidential Administration, it was decided to hold the Festival in the Sirius Federal Territory in March 2024. Then there will be the regional program of the World Youth Festival, where 2,000 foreign participants will visit 30 Russian cities.

20,000 young leaders in education, science, international cooperation, culture, volunteering, charity, sports, business, media, etc., including 10,000 foreign participants, will take part in the WYF 2024. For the first time in the history of the festival movement young people aged 14-17, 500 from Russia and 500 from abroad, will have the opportunity to participate in the event. Registration of participants is open at until December 1, 2023.

5,000 volunteers from all regions of Russia, including 228 residents of the LPR, DPR, Zaporizhzhia and Kherson Regions will be involved in the organization and delivery of the Festival. Registration of volunteers is open on the ДОБРО.РФ platform until December 1, 2023.

The World Youth Festival is organized by the Federal Agency for Youth Affairs (Rosmolodezh) and operated by the World Youth Festival Directorate.

Prepared by the World Youth Festival Press Office

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